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Since 1997 of release

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Saab 9-5
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Adjustment of seats and headrests

Position of seats and headrests

The design of seats of the car guarantees the maximum comfort to the person sitting in them, simultaneously providing conditions of the most effective performance of the functions with belts and safety pillows. The choice of position of a seat also influences safety of the person sitting in it. For example, at excessive displacement of a forward seat the risk травмирования sitting at operation of a pillow of safety, and also risk of ejection through a windscreen forward increases at a head-on collision.

The increase in an inclination of a back of a seat will worsen fixing of a body by a seat belt, - the more the back is rejected back, the above probability проскальзывания bodies of a belt sitting under zone section at strong front blow, and that is heavier the got traumas can.

Adjustment of height of a headrest


    Fix a forward seat in as much as possible removed (convenient for driving) from a steering wheel/panel of devices position, a back result in vertical position. Headrests prevent травмирование cervical department of a backbone and a head at blow behind. The headrest should be adjusted on height so that its top cut was flush with an upper edge of an ear sitting. For lowering of headrests of forward seats, and also back seats of models the Versatile person, press a clamp and press a headrest into a seat.
    Headrests of back seats of models the Sedan have two positions – vertical and horizontal. For moving of a headrest to horizontal position (for review increase through back glass) press a clamp.

Adjustment of forward seats is made manually, любо by means of the electric drive (depending on a complete set). Manually it is possible to regulate seat height, its position in a longitudinal direction, a seat inclination completely and separately its backs, rigidity of a lumbar support and headrest height. By means of an e/drive it is possible to regulate seat height, its position in a longitudinal direction and a back inclination.

Manual adjustment of position of forward seats


    For seat podnimanija/lowering pull a regulator accordingly upwards downwards. After release the regulator comes back in a starting position.

    For adjustment of horizontal position of a seat lift скобу, located under a forward part of a pillow, and move a seat to demanded position then make sure of reliability of fixing of a seat.
    Adjustment of an inclination of an armchair is carried out at the delayed lever located at edge of a seat.
    Adjustment of an inclination of a back of a seat and position of a lumbar support is carried out by rotation of corresponding adjusting wheels. After adjustment of an inclination of a back make sure of reliability of its fixing.

Adjustment of forward seats with an e/drive and memory function

The e/drive of seats and function of memory of positions of a seat of the driver and external rear-view mirrors are established as the additional equipment.

If doors are closed, for functioning of an e/drive of seats it is necessary, that the ignition key was in position ON. However the e/drive works during 30 with the ambassador of closing of both doors. If seat position varies during these 30 with new readout 30 begins with.


    For adjustment of height of a seat lift or press the bottom regulator located sideways on a pillow of a seat. The same regulator it is possible to establish height of forward and back parts of a pillow of a seat it is independent from each other. Seat moving to a longitudinal direction is carried out at moving of the bottom regulator forward or back. For adjustment of an inclination of a back of an armchair move forward or back the top regulator.

Function of memory of positions of a seat of the driver remembers also adjustment of rear-view mirrors. For entering in memory of current position of a seat and mirrors, keeping pressed button "M", press one of memory buttons (1, 2 or 3).

Site of the control panel options of position of a seat

Confirming to entering in memory the sound signal is distributed. For installation of sitting and rear-view mirrors in the remembered position, keep the memory pressed the corresponding button.

Folding of back seats

For increase in volume of a luggage space possibility of folding of a back seat is provided.

Narrow and wide parts of a seat can be put separately.

Folding of a back seat of model the Sedan


    Cast away forward seat pillows, having pulled for the loops (1) located in their back parts. Put pillows of seats on high edge behind forward seats (2). Having pressed lateral buttons (3), release backs from clamps and lower forward. At return of a back seat to a starting position suspend seat belts on hooks for clothes (on the top handles) that belts have not appeared are jammed by a back. After seat assemblage make sure that buttons of removal of fixing of backs are заподлицо with their frame.