Saab 9-5

Since 1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Saab 9-5
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      Controls and the salon equipment
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   + Receptions of operation and auxiliary systems
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+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

сигареты дьюти фри

Controls and the salon equipment

Switches and the controls located on a steering column

Left подрулевой the switch

Left подрулевой the switch is intended for management of indexes of turns, switching of near and far light of headlights, the alarm system by a headlight, and also for management темпостатом.

Inclusion of a headlight of headlights

1 — headlight Inclusion
2 — the Alarm system a headlight

For inclusion of a headlight of headlights pull the lever on itself before the fixed position. Thus will light up К/Л a headlight of headlights. Press the lever from itself for switching back in a mode of a passing light of headlights.

For prevention of a discharge of the battery do not leave for a long time included headlights at the switched off engine.


    The car has function of inclusion near on 30 with the ambassador of closing of a door of the driver is it is possible to use for illumination of road from the car to the house. For use of this function take a key from the ignition lock, open a door of the driver and establish left подрулевой the switch in position 2. For giving of a signal by a headlight of headlights pull left подрулевой the switch on itself, without leading up it to the fixed position. The headlight remains included at lever deduction, and after release the lever comes back in initial position. For inclusion of the index of the left or right turn at the included ignition pull the lever подрулевого the switch accordingly downwards or upwards. Thus in a combination of devices the indicator of inclusion of the index of corresponding turn lights up in a flashing mode. After end of turn the switch automatically comes back in neutral position. At evolution it is possible to use evolution indexes for which inclusion it is necessary to pull slightly the switch upwards or downwards, without leading up against the stop, and to keep it in this position. After release the switch will automatically come back in initial (average) position.

The management description темпостатом is resulted in Razdele Tempostat.

Right подрулевой the switch

In order to avoid damage of the mechanism of screen wipers it is not necessary to include them if cleared glass dry, and also to move their hands. In order to avoid damage of brushes of screen wipers do not suppose their contact to gasoline and other solvents. In order to avoid pump damage стеклоомывателя do not use it at the empty tank of a washing liquid. Switch off the rain gauge at a car sink, and also at windscreen clarification to avoid damage of screen wipers and possible traumas.

Right подрулевой the switch is intended for management of cleaners and washers of the glasses which functioning is possible only at the included ignition.

Positions right подрулевого the switch

0 — Neutral position
1 — the Interval mode/inclusion of the gauge of a rain

2 — Normal speed
3 — the Raised speed
4 — washer Inclusion

Moving the switch lever upwards and downwards, it is possible to choose operating modes of cleaners of a windscreen and to switch off them. Between positions 0 and 2 there is an unstable position in which the screen wiper does a single course. At inclusion of a washer cleaners do from 3 to 5 courses depending on operation time of a washer. If speed of the car less than 20 km/h, cleaners do one more course in 9 seconds.

At the included passing light cleaners of lenses of headlights join at every sixth washing of a windscreen or if has passed more than 2 minutes after last washing. If the passing light is switched off, cleaners of lenses of headlights join only at the first washing of a windscreen.

Cleaners of lenses of headlights cannot be included separately.

For a choice of duration of intervals of work of a screen wiper, or the 3-item switch is intended for adjustment of sensitivity of the gauge of a rain (on models with a corresponding complete set) (with a vertical course), located on the lever. In extreme top position of the switch an interval/sensitivity maximum, and in the extremely bottom – minimum.

At a corresponding complete set the gauge of the rain located on a windscreen, about a rear-view mirror, automatically operates windscreen clearing. Depending on a quantity of water or snow on glass, the gauge makes or single inclusion of cleaners, or includes them in a continuous mode. At inclusion of the gauge of a rain (position 1 right подрулевого the switch) cleaners do one control course. After that the gauge compares quantity of water/snow on a windscreen to the initial quantity, defined at a control course. Cleaners do a control course as well at each increase in sensitivity of the gauge. For inclusion of the gauge after ignition deenergizing it is necessary to translate preliminary right подрулевой the switch in neutral position. The rain gauge in addition defines light exposure and according to its size is switched in a night or day operating mode. In night position sensitivity of the gauge automatically raises.

(The Versatile person) is intended model for management of a cleaner and a washer of glass of a door of a back 3-item (positions ON, OFF and ) the switch (with a horizontal course), located on the lever. In position ON the cleaner works in an interval mode. In position clearing and glass washing is made. After several courses the cleaner stops and passes in an interval operating mode (if it is chosen). Approximately through 15 with the ambassador of deenergizing of a screen wiper it does one more course for removal from glass of the possible rests of a liquid. Between positions OFF and ON there is an unstable position in which the cleaner does one course. Besides, interval clearing of glass of a door of a back joins by the chosen transfer of a backing and established in position 1, 2 or 3 switch of screen wipers.

The horn switch

The button of inclusion of a horn is built in a steering wheel overlay – press it about a steering wheel rim.

Clamp of an angle of slope of a steering column

The steering column should be adjusted so that the steering wheel was opposite to a thorax of the driver. Position at which the steering wheel is opposite to the person of the driver, is wrong as reduces protective functions of a forward pillow of safety of the driver.

It is not necessary to regulate an inclination of a steering column during driving since the control over driving can be thus lost.


    For change of an angle of slope of a steering column completely release a clamp (before click), located under it.
    Establish a steering column in demanded position and return a clamp in a starting position (before click) to fix it. Check up reliability of fixing of a steering column, having pulled a steering wheel upwards-downwards.

Buttons of management of an audiosystem

Buttons of management are located by an audiosystem on each side from an overlay of a steering wheel and intended for increase of safety of use of an audiosystem at driving.

Arrangement of buttons of management of an audiosystem on a wheel

The button with an inscription NEXT at audiosystem work in a radio mode is intended for cyclic switching between the preestablished radio stations (1> 2> …> 6> 1> …). At audiosystem work in a cartridge mode by pressing the given button the direction of scrolling of a film (other party of the cartridge is played) varies. At CD playing by repeated pressing the given button there is a cyclic change of a reproduced disk (1> 2> …> 6> 1> …).

The button with an inscription SEEK at audiosystem work in a radio mode is used for automatic/manual search of stations; in a cartridge mode – for fragment/rewind search, and in CD mode – for path/high-speed playback change.

The button with an inscription SRC by its repeated pressing cyclically switches audiosystem operating modes (radio> the cartridge> CD> CD-changer> radio> …).

The button with an inscription VOL is intended for volume control.

The controls located under a combination of devices

Controls under a combination of devices are located at the left (switches and regulators of external illumination) and on the right (the switch of systems TCS/ESP) from a steering column.

In the block located more close to a door, the rotary switch of external illumination, the switch of back foggy lanterns and a regulator of brightness of illumination of devices is established.

The management block external illumination

In the block of the switches located more close to a steering column there is a switch of antifog headlights and a regulator of an inclination of headlights.

The rotary switch of external illumination has 3 positions designated by corresponding pictogrammes:

Passing light of headlights. At the switch of a headlight established in given position vkljuchajutsja/are switched off at accordingly inclusion/deenergizing of ignition.

Dimensional fires. At the switch established in given position dimensional fires burn irrespective of position of a key in the ignition lock.

Dimensional fires and passing light of headlights – join at ignition inclusion. If necessary it is possible to cancel inclusion of external illumination at the switch established in given position. For this purpose it is necessary to take a safety lock №35 of the main assembly block (the Onboard electric equipment see the Head).

The button of the switch of a back foggy lantern. The back foggy lantern joins under condition of inclusion of dimensional fires and a headlight (the rotary switch in position), or at the included antifog headlights. The included back foggy lantern dies away at deenergizing of the engine and at its repeated start does not join.

Brightness of illumination of devices varies by rotation of a wheel of the regulator located to the left of the switch of a back foggy lantern.

The site of the switch of antifog headlights (at a corresponding complete set) is specified in illustrations.

The switch of antifog headlights

The regulator of an inclination of headlights is established on some models and allows to adjust range of illumination of road at various values of loading of the car. For adjustment of an inclination of headlights it is required to include ignition and to establish a regulator wheel in the position corresponding to loading of the car (Specifications see). Preliminary it is necessary to make the basic adjustment of headlights.

Regulator of an inclination of headlights

If the car is equipped by a regulator of an inclination of headlights and system of automatic adjustment of an inclination of headlights, to regulate an inclination of headlights manually follows only in case of the maximum loading of the car – establish a regulator wheel in position "1".

The switch of systems ESP/TCS is intended for compulsory switching-off of the given systems (at a corresponding complete set).

The switch of systems ESP/TCS

Controls and the salon equipment on the central console

On the central console of the car there is the greatest number of bodies of its management and the salon equipment.

The description of an audiosystem, the multipurpose display and systems of heating and К/В is resulted regarding the Device of maintenance of comfort; the switch of the uniform lock is described in Razdele Doors and a luggage carrier cover; controls are described by transmission in Section Use of automatic transmission (АТ).

The alarm system switch

The switch of the alarm system with the built in control lamp works in any position of the lock of ignition. For alarm system inclusion press the switch button; for deenergizing – press the button once again. At the included alarm system synchronously with all indexes of turns blinks К/Л, built in the switch, and at the included ignition – and indicators of indexes of turns in a combination of devices. If the alarm system works for a long time, frequency of a blinking of indexes of turns decreases for the purpose of economy of a charge of the battery.

The alarm system switch

Switches-regulators of heating and ventilation of forward seats

Switches of heating and ventilation of lobbies are intended for inclusion and adjustment of intensity of heating and ventilation of pillows and backs of forward seats. In position 0 heating or ventilation are switched off; at switch moving upwards intensity increases.

Switches of ventilation of forward seats

Switches of heating of forward seats

On some models the heating of back seats included by the button, the central console located on a back wall is in addition established.

The switch of heating of a back seat

Прикуриватели and ashtrays

Do not keep прикуриватель pressed after it is ready to use since it can lead to its overheat; for the same reason прикуриватель it is necessary to take from its nest if it automatically long does not come back in a starting position. Do not suppose the general loading on both cigarette Lighter more than 240 Vt at their use as sockets of selection of capacity.


    To take advantage прикуривателем, press it and release.
1— Opening/closing
2 — Extraction
    After прикуриватель will heat up to necessary temperature, it will automatically return to a starting position. In addition прикуриватель is available on a back wall of the central console, near to the switch of heating of a back seat.

For using прикуривателем ignition should be included.

It is not necessary to use an ashtray for storage of any things since at contact with them the lighted cigarettes or matches there can be a fire.

    For using a forward ashtray press its cover.
    To take an ashtray, pull it sideways. On some models of an ashtray are built in addition in at back doors.

The switch of ignition and steering wheel blocking

The switch of ignition and the steering wheel blocking, named also the ignition lock, is located in the bottom part of the central console, between seats.

Site of the lock of ignition

The ignition lock has following four positions:

LOCK — the Given position of the switch of ignition is used for blocking of a steering wheel and ignition key extraction. In the given position dimensional fires, warning signals and salon illumination work. For extraction of a key from the ignition lock backing transfer (models with Manual transmission) should be included, and on models with АТ the selector lever should be in position P.

OFF — In the given position the steering wheel and the lever of a gear change selector AT RKPP/LEVER is unblocked.

ON — Normal position of the ignition key after engine start. Before engine start at key turn in the given position it is necessary to check up short-term operation of the control lamps which have been built in a combination of devices (see Has undressed Keys, replacement of an element of a food of block DU). In the given position of a key all electric equipment of the car works.

Do not leave the ignition key in position OFF at the switched off engine since thus there is a fast discharge of the battery.

ST (START) — It is used for engine start. At ignition key keeping in the given position the starter will scroll the engine. In a starter operating time some electric components will be disconnected, facilitating engine start. After release the key comes back in position ON.

Do not turn the ignition key in position LOCK or ACC at car movement since it can lead to loss of controllability by the car and infringement of functioning of brakes.

Чашкодержатели and a ware box in the central console

It is not necessary to use a coaster during car movement since at failure or sharp braking the subjects established in coasters can be at the bottom of a trauma of the driver and passengers. Especially it is not necessary to put in coasters not closed capacities with hot liquids at car movement since at possible разбрызгивании liquids the driver can burn and run away the car.

The ware box located in the console between seats has built in чашкодержатель. For box opening pull forward for the back party of its cover.

Access to a ware box

Additional чашкодержатели are located on a forward and back part of the central console.

Чашкодержатель in a forward part of the central console

1 — Opening to (press)
2 — Closing to (lift)

Чашкодержатель in a back part of the central console

Controls and the equipment of salon located on a ceiling

Switches of internal illumination

In structure of devices of internal illumination fixtures, illumination of the mirrors which have been built in solar peaks, fixtures in foot wells (in front, fixtures in the doorway), and also the fixture in a luggage space ascend forward and back салонные.

Switches and forward салонный the fixture

1/3 — Internal illumination is included/is switched off irrespective of position of doors
2 — Internal illumination is included only at an open door

Each lamp for reading has own switch.

Back салонный the fixture

1 — Lamps for reading
2 — salon Illumination

The operating mode of internal illumination is established by means of the switch close forward салонным to the fixture, on the right. On the average switch position internal illumination joins:

    When the car opens outside; At opening of one of doors; At extraction of a key from the ignition lock.

Illumination dies away later 30 with the ambassador of closing of doors, or at ignition key turn in position ON. If the door is left opened at the switched off ignition, internal illumination dies away later 20 minutes.

The switch of management of a cover of the top hatch

The switch of management is located by a cover of the top hatch near to forward салонным the fixture, in the centre. The switch description is resulted in Section the Top hatch.

Sun-protection peaks and cosmetic mirrors

Double sun-protection peaks are located over a windscreen, on a ceiling at the left and on the right and are intended for blinding prevention by direct solar beams. Peaks are equipped by cosmetic mirrors (on an inside) with the illumination joining at откидывании mirrors.

Solar peaks and cosmetic mirror

Internal rear-view mirror

Before a trip it is necessary to adjust an internal rear-view mirror, turning it so that in its centre the centre of back glass was visible. Thus the mirror should be in a normal mode.

For switching between night and day modes move the lever located behind a mirror, accordingly to itself or from itself.

Switching of modes of a rear-view mirror

1— Normal position
2 — Protivooslepljajushchee position

On the models equipped with a rear-view mirror with possibility of automatic blackout, for switching between day and automatic modes the button located on its forward panel serves.

Rear-view mirror with automatic blackout

1 — the light exposure Gauge in front
2 — the Switch automatic затенения
3 — the light exposure Gauge behind

The mirror with automatic затенением has two gauges of light exposure: one is directed forward, and an arch – back. When the gauge directed forward defines decrease in natural illumination, the night mode (under condition of the included automatic mode) joins. The Same occurs at hit on a mirror of bright light of headlights going behind the car. Inclusion of a night mode occurs gradually. At disappearance of bright light behind, and also at increase in brightness of natural illumination the mirror is automatically switched in a day mode.

At inclusion of transfer of a backing the automatic mode is disconnected, and the mirror works in a day mode. At towage of the high trailer the automatic mode also can be switched off, since the trailer will cover the review of the gauge turned back.

The switches located on doors

In each door there are management switches стеклоподъёмниками (the Section of Glass of doors see). Besides at doors of the driver opening switches лючка a jellied mouth of a fuel tank and a cover of a luggage carrier/door of a back (the Section of the Door and a luggage carrier cover see), and also the management block are located by external mirrors.

The management block external mirrors

In the management block the switch between the left and right mirror, the round switch of adjustment of position of the chosen mirror is available external rear-view mirrors. In addition there is a button of an inclination of the right mirror at movement by a backing. For an inclination of the right mirror choose transfer of a backing and press this button. At deenergizing of transfer of a backing the right mirror automatically comes back in a starting position.

On the models equipped with memory of position of a seat of the driver, position of mirrors it is brought in memory simultaneously with storing of position of a seat.

Heating of external mirrors joins simultaneously with heating of back glass (the Section System of automatic heating and an air conditioning (ACC see)).

It is possible to correct a mirror reflector as well manually, cautiously pressing it in the necessary direction.

External mirrors can be put to a door if it is required to pass or park in a bottleneck.

Ware boxes

Besides the ware box located in central, the salon of the car it is equipped by ware boxes, opposite to a seat of the forward passenger, located under handles of doors and in an armrest of a back seat.

Ware box with заслонкой givings of cold air

Ware box in an armrest of a back seat

In addition there are pockets on a forward part of pillows of forward seats, on a back part of backs of forward seats, and also on body racks, for backs of forward seats.

It is possible to submit cold air to the ware box located opposite to a seat of the forward passenger, for example, for cooling of drinks stored in a box – pull заслонку on itself.