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Since 1997 of release

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Saab 9-5
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Devices of maintenance of comfort

System of automatic heating and air conditioning (ACC)

The general information

The block of management (К/В) is presented by heating and air conditioning systems on an illustration. On the display located over the block, the information on current parametres of these systems is displayed.

The block of management and the display of systems of heating and К/В

1 — Buttons of adjustment of temperature on the left side
2 — the Switch of an automatic mode
3 — Buttons of adjustment of speed of rotation of the fan
4 — Buttons of a hand control air distribution
5 — the Switch of heating of back glass and external mirrors

6 — the Switch of a mode of air circulation
7 — Switch K/V
8 — the Switch of system of automatic heating and К/В
9 — Buttons of adjustment of temperature on the right side

For achievement of the best result from system ACC it is necessary to close all windows and the roof hatch. Air gets through a lattice обтекателя a windscreen and gets to salon, passing through the filter and if the heater, through a heater radiator is included. Air leaves salon through apertures in a back shelf, and then through lattices on the right and at the left before a back bumper.

System ACC independently selects the working parametres for maintenance in salon of the car of the established temperature. At modification manually in one of parametres by means of the corresponding switch or a regulator, this parametre is not regulated any more by automatics while other parametres continue to steal up automatically. For system work following gauges are used:

    The gauge of temperature of external air; The temperature gauge in salon; The sunlight gauge; Two gauges of temperature of an air mix (in the bottom lobbies дефлекторах).

Arrangement of gauges of system of automatic heating and К/В

1 — the temperature Gauge in salon
2 — the sunlight Gauge

Do not cover the sunlight gauge since thus the system of automatic heating and an air conditioning can work not correctly.

For air giving in salon are used дефлекторы with which help it is possible to regulate a direction and intensity of an air stream. Peak efficiency of system is reached at completely opened дефлекторах.

The handle of adjustment of a direction and regulator of intensity of an air stream

Temperature adjustment

The car salon is divided into 2 temperature zones: a place of the driver and a place of passengers. The system of automatic heating and К/В supposes temperature regulation in a range from 15 to 27 hailstones. Besides, there are following modes:

In a mode HI:

    The maximum heating is provided; Air is directed on a windscreen and to feet; If the circulation mode has been chosen, it is disconnected; The fan works on the maximum speed.

In a mode LO it is provided:

    The maximum cooling (at mode inclusion ECON joins К/В) is provided; Air is directed on the panel of devices; The mode joins; The fan works on the maximum speed.

On the party of the passenger it is possible to choose a mode HI or LO only if the same choice is made on the party of the driver.

The description of buttons of management of system ACC


    The temperature, air distribution, turns of the fan and air giving are regulated automatically; Compressor K/V is switched off at temperature drop more low 0 hailstones. Also joins at excess 5 hailstones.; At engine start at external temperature from 0 to +5 hailstones. К/В it is included; By pressing button "AUTO" all manual adjustments are cancelled; By repeated pressing button "AUTO" the display automatically set installations are displayed; At start of the engine system ACC works in mode AUTO, irrespective of the installed program.


    The compressor is switched off, arriving air is not cooled; The temperature, distribution of air and fan turns are regulated automatically.

At deduction of the given button (programming II) К/В joins at achievement of external temperature more than 13 hailstones.


    System ASS (the fan, К/В and a heater) is switched off; Air distribution is fixed in actual position; The circulation mode can be chosen manually; By repeated pressing button "AUTO" system ACC passes in an automatic mode; By repeated pressing button "OFF" the system comes back in control mode manually.

The switch of heating of back glass and external mirrors

Heating of back glass and external rear-view mirrors copes manually. Disconnect heating at once as soon as in it there is no necessity.

Heating is disconnected automatically in 2-10 minutes depending on temperature of external air or if pressure of the battery falls below 10 V.Sistemu АСС it is possible to program so that heating will automatically join, if simultaneously temperature of external air more low +5 hailstones., and temperature in salon more low +10 hailstones (programming II see).

The switch of a mode of air circulation

Giving of external air is regulated automatically, providing optimum cooling, but can vkljuchatsja/be switched off also manually. The mode of circulation does not change qualitatively air structure, and it can be included not to admit penetration into salon of unpleasant smells.

At deduction of the given button (programming II) circulation joins at speed of the car below 10 km/h and is switched off at speed below 30 km/h, except for that case when function ECON is programmed according to the program II.

Buttons of adjustment of speed of rotation of the fan

    By pressing the given buttons speed of rotation of the fan gradually changes; At inclusion of ignition the fan works on small speed until the engine will not be started; If speed of the fan 0 is chosen, compressor K/V is switched off and on the display there is an inscription ECON.

Buttons of management of air distribution

Single pressing of the button

Mode обдува glasses

At inclusion manually a mode обдува glasses запотевание leaves from all glasses (air stream to back lateral windows is blocked) because:

    The fan works on high turns; Air goes to дефлекторам; The temperature is regulated in a normal mode; The circulation mode is disconnected; Heating of back glass and external mirrors joins.

Having blown in glasses it is included till that time, the new choice, however heating function is not made yet disconnected automatically in 5-10 minutes.

Double pressing of the button

Air goes to a windscreen without increase in speed of rotation of the fan and without heating inclusion. For return to earlier made installation press button "AUTO".

Other buttons

By pressing of buttons for inclusion of the combined modes of distribution of air on the display there are corresponding pictogrammes. The direction of streams of air in various modes is specified on illustrations.

Mode обдува glasses and air giving to feet

Mode of giving of air to feet and to back lateral glasses

Mode of giving of air to feet and at level of the person

Mode of giving of air at level of the person

Start in cold weather

System ACC at first chooses a mode of heating of glasses, the maximum heating and low speed of the fan. With rise in temperature of the engine air goes to feet and speed of the fan increases.

When the temperature in salon reaches the programmed value, speed of the fan decreases and occurs having heated up to automatically certain levels.

System start in hot weather

System ACC chooses air giving to дефлекторам on the panel of devices with high speed of the fan and includes compressor K/V if button "ECON" is not pressed.

If the air temperature exceeds 30 hailstones., approximately through 45 with the circulation mode if the system requires it for achievement of the chosen temperature can join. When the temperature in salon comes nearer to programmed, speed of the fan decreases to automatically certain level.

Programming I

It is possible to program system ACC so that it joined with the installations chosen manually.

For entering ignition should be included in memory of the chosen installations, at least, 10 minutes.


    Include ignition and establish a demanded mode. Press simultaneously button "OFF" and the button of heating of back glass. Confirming to entering of installations in memory the display should blink. For cancellation of the program I simultaneously press button "AUTO" and the button of reduction of speed of the fan. Confirming to removal from memory of installations the display should blink.

Programming II

Programming II is carried out at deduction of button "ECON", the button of a mode of circulation, or the button of heating of back glass until the corresponding symbol on the display will not blink 4 times and the sound signal will not be distributed.

Ignition should be included.

The description of the functions joining at activation of the program II, is resulted in the description of corresponding buttons.

Residual heating of salon

On some models with engines V6 the heating system of salon from residual heat of the engine can be established.

The system works at temperature ОЖ above 40 hailstones and at the switched off ignition.


    For heating inclusion keep 1 second pressed more button "AUTO". The sound signal will be distributed and on the multipurpose display there will be an inscription SPARE HEATER ACTIVATED. In 5 seconds on the display there will be an indication of the remained stock of heat. For heating deenergizing press button "OFF" or include ignition.